Historias de éxito de Clientes y Partners

Aprenda como hemos trabajado con clientes y nuestros Partners para alcanzar resultados significantes en las empresas a través de los casos de éxito de nuestros clientes

Testimonios de clientes

Northwest Textbook - American Customer

Virtual Graffiti - American Customer

Hot Melt Oy - Finland

Groupe DURIEU - France

"Creating a plugin for B1UP is simple fantastic. It took me just 2 hours to completely move my add-on to B1UP plugin system".


Black Seven Oy - Finland

McRoskey Mattress - American Customer

Daniels Corporation - American Customer

Ecostar B.V. - The Netherlands

“Amaaaaazzzzing!!! B1 Print & Delivery worked in one go! No tweaking and fiddling…works like a charm! This will save us a LOT of work on a daily basis! Great work! Many thx".

Partick Haasewinkel

Testimonios de nuestros partners

"I downloaded the latest version of the Usability Package: One word: AMAZING!!!!

Really great job... a compliment from my side for this development functionality"

Cornee Boorsma

Agion - The Netherlands

ACCEO Solutions Inc.

Country: Canada
Web: www.fortsum.com

Inforum - Mexico

Key Business Solutions - Australia 

Inecom - Australia 

Codestone - United Kingdom

“The consulting team at Codestone love B1UP and we are always grateful to our sales colleagues when they include it in a deal as it enhances the user’s Business One experience and improves data accuracy and completeness.”

David Brown, Senior Applications Consultant

W3COM - France

"It is AMAZING what we did with B1UP to optimize the use of SAP Business One in this type of business.

We really love your product, we made a lot of things with it without requiring the SDK, the final result is great"


Guillaume Boucher

BTM Solutions, Inc - USA

“We are quoting The Usability Package as a standard now with SAP Business One"


Tim Beckett - President

Consensus International - USA

“With B1UP we have increased the efficiency for the users of SAP® Business One, added controls, and expedited processes without using costly add-on’s or time consuming developments. We have solved some exceptional requirements for our customers by simply configuring B1UP. I can’t imagine how you can implement SAP® Business One without B1UP".


Andres D. Castrillon

Globale Solution - France

"We have been using B1Up for several weeks mainly during our demos at prospects’. I have to admit that it really enhances the possibilities given by SAP Business One, and allows us to come up to the specific needs of each prospect.

For instance, during our last presentation, we modified the item master data screen by adding a new tab called “technical data" with several user defined fields in it, and a new button to access a library of available technical documentation. It has been appreciated by our prospect".


Christophe Roure

Bexap - Mexico

Interlatin - Mexico

"B1UP nos permite enfocarnos en lo verdaderamente importante, ventas. Ahora sabemos que mas del 90% de las necesidades de los clientes pueden ser satisfechas."

Jose Luis Flores

Evolution Future Solutions - Australia

Evolution Future Solutions has now been acquired by MicroChannel

Oxygen -Australia

Realtech - New Zealand

“Many thanks for a good product which we are finding constantly more that we can work with. The relatively little or no issues we have with Boyum also make this our most recommended Add On module.”

Marilyn Davies, Product Manager

Vision33 - USA

"I really think you guys have the best add-on on the market. You make my life SO much easier".


Antony Bartlett

InnoBalance - The Netherlands

"B1UP gives the SAP Business One customer a lot of extra functions which are not present in the standard software. Especially the function buttons can give the end-user a lot of usability and many mouse-clicks less to navigate through SAP Business One. InnoBalance advises all our customers to buy and install B1UP so anyone can experience the advantages of this solution".


Roger Bastiaens

Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) - USA

"We have been working with Boyum IT for a couple years and have included their B1 Usability productivity tool on many of our sales. Their tool set is very “feature rich “easy to use. Each new release contains more and more features and options. We urge all of our clients to purchase this enhancement"


Keith Taylor

IMR, S.A - Panama

".... after using B1UP for few some time now, it's weird work without it... as SAP Business One look naked when the Add on is not running...."


Yoni Sawransky - CEO 

Mascidon LLC - USA

"Using 4.0.0 makes the transfer of Boyum information from one database to another extremely simple.  Excellent implementation!  Thanks"

 Dr. Ron Maes

BLUEKEY Software Solutions – South Africa

“I would say that knowing a great deal of SAP Business One is not the same as being smart, and Boyum is really smart software that helps partners and customers achieve SAP Business One implementation objectives quickly and easily”.


Andre Adendorff